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Posted - 16 September, 2015
Here is a recent digital commission of Rogue and Gambit. I get the whole "star-crossed" aspect of their relationship, but I get a little bored with all of the glum depictions of it, so whenever I am asked to draw
Posted - 22 February, 2015
  As I mentioned before, the first thing that you need to do once you're registered for a show is to read over every bit of information that the show provides.  You don't just need to know that the convention
Posted - 20 February, 2015
We've talked a lot in this series about what you need to know before you hit the road and try to start selling your art at comic book conventions.  In this installment we'll talk about what you're going to need,
My last super-huge display, at Planet Comic Con in Kansas City, 2013
Posted - 18 February, 2015
In reality, despite titling this next article, "Convention Etiquette", I'm not  sure that such a thing actually exists.  For the most part, people who present their work at conventions sort of live in their own little worlds.  They do what
Posted - 22 January, 2015
This is a series in which I apply perspective based on my own experiences, and what I observe of those around me, in order to answer common questions I am asked as I tour the country.  I am not claiming