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New Art: Cyclops

Posted - 20 November, 2012

I’ve told people on more than one occasion that if you want to get the best commission possible from me, just hand me a book and tell me that I can do whatever I want.  This is because when you do that, you’re giving me free reign to do what I think I will do best, and maybe express something that’s been on my mind that maybe I haven’t had time to do otherwise, and would be happy to draw.  No offense to anyone who’s asked me for one before, but I’ve drawn dozens of Black Cats, and dozens of Dark Phoenixes, so it’s harder and harder to be original with each next one.  When I can do whatever I want, you’re going to get my best shot, the thing I will do best right now.  So here is Cyclops. I hope you enjoy it, and keep what I’ve said in mind the next time you commission an artist at a show =)  Thanks for looking!


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