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About Jon

Jon Hughes is the founder and CEO of Overground Comics. His works have been featured by various trading card companies including Rittenhouse Archives, Upper Deck, Breygent Marketing, 5Finity, Versicolor and Bad Axe Studios. Jon began creating and illustrating comics as a hobby while still in grade school and is now building a career in the industry while studying interactive media at the Art Institute of Houston. Jon can usually be seen on tour across the country and is always up for a challenge.

Recent Credits:

Plus Ultra from Overground Comics (writer, artist)

Absent Captain from Overground Comics (writer)

Marvel:  The Bronze Age from Rittenhouse Archives
Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes from Rittenhouse Archives
The Marvel Universe from Rittenhouse Archives
Captain America: The First Avenger from Upper Deck
Vampirella from Breygent Marketing
Lady Death from 5Finity
Bettie Page: The Private Collection from Versicolor Productions

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