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New Art: Black Cat

Posted By on February 19, 2012 in Tour Prints | 0 comments

New Art: Black Cat

Hello! :)
This will probably end the creaztive flurry that was this weekend, since I have to have my print order in on Monday for the Image Comics Expo, and it was all leading up to this. This was actually the only piece I planned on doing this week. I just wanted to work out a couple of others to build some steam up before I gave it a go. I also hinted at this one in my earlier posting of the Black Cat recently. I met Daniella Rangel in Albuquerque at my favorite show of the year, the Albuquerque Comic Con. She was cosplying the Black Cat, and she looked awesome and is just gorgeous, so I decided to draw her. Here’s the finished product. It’s meant ot be a companion piece to my Poison Ivy. She really liked it, I hope you all do as well.
Thanks for looking!

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